> Cut up your cacao (I love to cut up 500 gram of cacao and put it in a jar. So that I don’t have to use my knife and cutting board daily. And so that I don’t have to clean up the mess it makes 😉


> Feel into how much cacao you need today (a minimum of 40 gram is good to use. I don’t weigh my cacao, but if I calculate it back I think I use 60 gram per serving)


> Put the small cutted cacao in a pot / pan.


> Boil water in the mean time in a ‘water cooker’. 


> Connect with the cacao you put in the pan. You can do this by taking out a piece and to eat it. Let the cacao know what your intention is, so that the proces of making can incude the intention already. 


> When you know your intention, you also know what herbs you want to put into your cacao. I would recommend to always put a bit of chili pepper in it, so that the cacao can do it’s work properly. 


> Every time I make cacao is different. And I make a lot of cacao, especially for myself 😉
The ingredients I put in my cacao:
-Cinnamon, vanilla powder (Holland & Barret) for sweet- en tenderness.
-Matcha as an Energizing energy
-A pinch of … if I feel dehydrated


> After the cacao & spices are in the pot, you add the water that just boiled and pour a little bit on the cacao. You use a whisk (garde) to mix the cacao and water. I find a ‘silicone spatula’  (pannenlikker) very helpful, to see if the cacao is properly mixed. And to empty the pot, without leaving much cacao in it 😉 


> To make the spices and cacao blend well together, I heat up the cacao on very low fire. When it is getting too hot, I turn of the fire and pour a little bit of plant based milk in the pot. I put on a little bit of heat under the pot, usually untill it get’s too hot again or untill I see the oils from the cacao popping up like shiny stars <3

Enjoy your cacao!!